Why is marketing important? The obvious reason is to make your presence known. There are many ways to market your business (or yourself), you just have to find the right way to do it.

One main question should be how effective is Social Media when advertising? Depends upon who your audience is. If you offer a product that will benefit the senior population, for example, would Facebook or Instagram be the right target area for you? Maybe not.

Do your research before you even start marketing. Get to know the demographics of your area if you are marketing locally. If you are marketing to a broader range of people then know what it is they want or need.

Create a business or marketing plan. Come up with a budget of what you want to spend (overall) to market. If you know of someone who can build you a website, create marketing items for you, etc. partner with them. Barter, offer them your product (depending upon what it is), for assistance with marketing. I love to barter and it works out for both parties (usually) plus there isn’t an outlay of (cash) money so you can use that for another part of the business.

Partner or align yourself with people who can assist in marketing. If you believe in your product enough they will to. Sometimes word of mouth can be the best (free) advertising you can get. I work with my mom, we have been in business going on 11 years and we haven’t had to pay anything for advertising. The product we offer speaks for itself and so do our students.

There are many ways to advertise your business and I hope to cover a few of these as time goes on so stay tuned.